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Creator Commentary for 095


Announcement – This Actually Good News (for my sanity)!

Well, if you know me in real life (or have been watching my twitter) this won’t come as a huge surprise, BUT after a lot of thought and talking with friends and loved ones, I’ve decided to end Angel Food at page 100. When I started Angel Food, I did it as a hobby, something fun I could do when I wasn’t working. But a web comic is a pretty big commitment. At this point it feels like a burden, and just not fun anymore. Weekly updates might seem manageable, but I’m also doing a lot of other things, and every extra thing on my plate makes me feel that much more trapped. My S.O. says he notices I get really stressed out every time I have to work on it. And unlike other projects which take up my time, this one doesn’t make me any money… actually it COSTS me money. And frankly I’m starting to resent the time it takes from other projects. It’s time.

Girlswhining copy

So, after 100 pages, you won’t see any more regular updates. Now, webcomics go on hiatus all the time. I don’t want to just put it on pause indefinitely, people wondering if it’ll ever update again, dying a slow death, fading into obscurity until it’s forgotten forever. I might still draw goofy art, make dumb videos, or maybe the occasional comic pages… but I just won’t do a regular schedule anymore. Officially after page 100 everything is fanfiction. I’m just gonna do it when it’s fun. Which is why I started it in the first place!

I’m going to celebrate the death of Angel Food, for me it represents freedom and one less responsibility. Let’s put an end to this thing.

Shipwreck copy

Anime North 2015!

Hey guys!  Sorry for the page delays, I’m just getting ready to go to Anime North in a few days! 😀  I’m going mostly to promote a new project I’m working on (hence Angel Food getting a less attention).  If you are going please stop by the table!  I’ll have some secret special giveaway stickers for fans 😉

Clicky image for details:


Ack Sorry

I missed like 3 update days.  I’m really sorry guys, I’m heading to Anime North in a few weeks and things are just getting really hectic.  We’ll see if I can post something this Thursday but I’m pretty swamped! ;_;  Sorry!


April Fools! This isn’t even a joke, it’s just weird.

Sigh… Delays…

Hey Guys, sorry about the no posts/no pages the past weeks. I’ve been super busy with work. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find time to switch gears to work on the comic. Actually, lately I’ve been thinking about the future of this webcomic…. I still have tons of hilarious stories and gags that have yet to put in comic form, but it’s hard to justify working on it when I have a business to manage (Sky Orchard Studios). At this point my priorities are to make money for the business so they will more stability and pay, (and I would love to hire more talented workers!). I have a few conferences to prepare for so I’m trying to focus on that.

So I’m gonna have to take a break likely until Mid-March. I’m sorry, guys. I’m not giving up on the comic, though, I think I just might need a new workflow. I’m really grateful for all your support and your patience with me.

Meanna, you’ll just have to wait a bit before continuing your adventure.

Sorry. Go eat some some worms.
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