Age: 14
Occupation: High School Student
Loves: Going to School, Making Friends and Making Plushies
Hates: Bullies, People mispronouncing her name (it’s “ME – ANNA”)

Meanna has a strange affliction. When she eats certain foods, they cause her to transform! She’s been home-schooled for most of her childhood to keep her “allergies” under wraps, but now she’s finally allowed to go to school with other students. She wears bows to disguise any surprise appendages when she transforms, but still has to be careful when trying new foods.



Age: 14
Occupation: High School Student
Loves: Reading, Alternative Fashion, Scooter Motorcycles
Hates: Ignoramuses, “Drama”, Animal Cruelty

After years of being distant to other kids her age, Kacy has decided to overcome her reservations and become more social in high school. She is fairly confident despite her age, and is not afraid of being associated with the “weirdos.”



Age: 36

Trina is Meanna’s mom, and is very protective of her. She doesn’t know how the world would react if Meanna’s secret was discovered, so she does her best to hide it. She took a work-at-home job so she could teach Meanna, but now that Meanna is in high school she has a lot more freedom. After spending most of her adulthood focused on her daughter, maybe now she can finally focus on herself a bit.