For years, Meanna’s food allergies made her stay home from school. But now as she enters high school, she is finally ready to go to public school with the other students. She’s armed with plans to keep her bizzare condition under control – and under wraps. Because Meanna’s “allergies” are really a very unique condition…

Vital Stats

Artist and Author: Serena Samborski
Rating: PG-13
Updates: Thursdays
Completed pages (including those posted): 78


Angel Food is a comic I came up with originally back in 2006, but it was only until 2011 that I felt I was ready to start working on it. So, I started making a year-long buffer before I launched. This helped me get a lot of bugs out before I had to commit to a regular schedule. It is a comic I’m doing simply for fun, for my own amusement. So, while I accept criticism, keep in mind this isn’t a super-serious project.

I have no idea what I am doing

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About the Artist/Author

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Serena Samborski PhotoI’m Serena Samborski, a 30-year old lady living in London, Ontario, Canada. I have interests in many different design disciplines and visual art forms, including (but not limited to): fashion design, creative writing, photography, web development, film production, animation, illustration, sewing, game design and toy design. I like to use my knowledge in these different disciplines as inspiration in other art forms. In addition, I’m interested in exploring the technology behind my artistic pursuits, and I may be found studying software and code to find out how to make it do what I want it to do.

I’m very ambitious and passionate, and I have big dreams. I currently run a business with my partner Kai, Sky Orchard Studios making mobile apps and games. In the future I’d like to design dolls and toys for kids, grown-up enthusiasts and collectors. Whatever the role I happen to take, I want to become a leader, encouraging and motivating others to follow their own dreams and ambitions.

Get a hold of me at sererena@gmail.com.

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