Goodbye Digital Inks

So, some of you may notice some changes! From page 49 I started using actual ink pens instead of inking digitally in Paint Tool SAI.

InkedMeannaSo why did I switch? Well, while there are definite things I like about this style (a bit bolder, higher resolution, more varied line weight), I made the switch because inking with real media is faster. One reason it’s faster is because there is no “zoom” tool. When you can zoom in and fix every little flaw in the line art… you do. I was spending way too much time zooming in and adding/fixing details that no one would notice in the digital file or a print. Drawing on a letter-sized sheet of cardstock eliminates that problem. Also, it’s more portable… don’t have to lug a laptop around to do most of the work on the comic.

There is this sense among artists and art lovers that you should always use the tool that will give the results closest to your aesthetic desires. Unfortunately, at this point in my art career, that’s a luxury. Reducing the time it takes to complete a page by an hour or more just by going with a simpler style is really valuable. It’s a matter of balance, of course. If I really wanted to reduce the time it takes to work on a comic, I could just stop doing it, but I have no desire to do that!

When I started this comic, I gave myself permission to experiment. So, let’s see how this experiment goes!

New Year’s Catch-up

Happy 2014, everyone!

How was your 2013? Mine had some ups and downs, but overall, it was an amazing year! I launched the comic, went to 2 conventions (Anthrocon and Condition), had a great Halloween party, and a great Christmas. Sky Orchard Studios also grew and 2014 will be an even more exciting year for us!

In any case, I have been doing a bunch of Angel Food related stuff you might be interested in hearing about!

Facebook and Tumblr

Angel Food now has a Facebook Page and a Tumblr! I plan on using the tumblr to add sketches periodically during the week on non-update days, so keep an eye on it if you’re interested in bonus content.

Fan Art

Two new pieces of fan/gift art have been added!
Bunny Meanna by Tailsteak! Thanks! :D

Meanna Sketch by Skulldog! (Part of the free sketches she was doing Dec 2013)

I have another batch of fan art/gift art/commissions that needs to be scanned, so look forward to that as well. :)

2014 Conventions

fe2014banner This March will be my first time at Furnal Equinox March 7 – 9! I’ll have a Dealer’s table and will be offering commissions while I’m there, and some free Angel Food stickers!

Oh, and here is the Christmas post in case it was missed (beardly Meanna).

That’s all for now!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween Meanna Happy Halloween! Here’s Meanna’s Halloween costume from the year before she met Kacy. Well I don’t know what else to say, so enjoy the artwork, enjoy the comic, and enjoy your Halloween!

Welcome DMFAers and Condition: Wasteland

Some gift art for Ambaaargh for her last birthday.
Welcome everyone from DMFA! Wow, I was expecting a bump in readership after Amber posted the comic, but not this level! I had to actually turn on caching so my site doesn’t crash from all the traffic (thanks for the heads-up Silicon Dragon!). Clearly I need to be doing more guest comics for Amber. This comic was actually commissioned and written by Chazore, I just drew it up after he handed me some delicious lucre. Lucre and hilarious faces, my bread and butter.

Condition: Wasteland was awesome. It is a local con, so I literally just hopped on the bus to get there. I gave out lots more Meanna stickers and sold some commissions. It is always nice to meet new people and hang out with my artist buddies. This year I realized this was my SIXTH (OMG!!) furry convention. I think that as much as I’d like to deny it, going to that many furry cons officially makes me a furry. I’m starting to feel like I should come up with a fursona just to fit in. But all I can come up with is me with cat ears. I have no imagination, apparently.

So, one final shout out to the DMFA visitors, I hope you like the comic, and that you’ll come back soon!

…as long as you understand what you’re getting into.

Changing the Update Day and Some Art

1371856216.pollo-chan_sererena_postHey guess what… you get TWO page updates this week! I’ve decided to change the update day from Sunday to Thursday. Since a lot of my favorite comics update Mon-Wed-Fri, I thought it’d be nice to have an update on either Thursday or Tuesday. It also means I can add Tuesday as an update day if I decide to do a semi-weekly update schedule.

I also have some new art to post, a commission I got from Pollo-chan on Furaffinity.

Thanks for reading!