For all she knows, there could be fancy drink umbrellas sticking out of their pelvises!

Oh god… must… not… draw… this…. HNNNGH!

13 thoughts on “037

  1. Wait so she doesn’t know what a guy looks like down there, yet she has a sign that says I’ll grab your balls for free. I got one word. Synergy

  2. Oh man… my brain keeps jerking from the overload. They’re cute comic characters. They SHOULDN’T even know about these thing let alone talk about it. That’s not what cute comics do!!! O_o”

    MAN how I love this! Please never stop and keep up this awesome work. :D

    Also I have no idea what was I expecting after the whole balls incident so just go ahead and draw whatever you were talking about. :”3

    • This is the kind of thing actual 14 year old girls talk about! But don’t worry, this comic is going to show the awkwardness of being a teen girl while leaving out anything actually remotely sexy! :D

      • Hi there, I’m liking the comic so far, but a minor suggestion:
        do you think you could link a Gravatar to your comments? I can’t tell you from regular commenters without actually reading the whole comment first. :P

      • Awww dan-I mean GOOD. Good-good-that’s good-YEAH that’s great keep it up. That’s good. Good to hear. Good…


      • Not quite the same, but as a man who works in a small office with three women in their twenties I can attest to some of the unusual and interesting conversations that come up.

      • -_____- 14 year old girls?! my my, the girls I know were like this (the comic depiction) well into their early 20s! But, conservative backgrounds and all.

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