Kacy: “I don’t even think that counts as peer pressure… that was peer gentle suggestion.”

5 thoughts on “041

  1. I’m beginning to not like Kacy very much. She seems very much a “me” person that is only interested in what others can do for her regardless of the harm it causes them.

  2. Dang this spoiler system. I never know what’s a spoiler and what’s not when I’m speculating… O_o”

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow
    • The spoiler system is to hide any guesses about what’s going to happen in the future of the story (or things that do happen later in the story if it’s already been revealed). So if you’re like, “Oh, I know what’s gonna happen, it’s [event].”, you’d wanna put that in a spoiler. So when people are reading through, the story isn’t given away in the comments.

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