Sometimes to preserve the sustained facial expression of a character, sequential artists use a sophisticated technique called “copying and pasting.” I know, I know what you’re saying… but I assure you, it is purely a technique to maintain a consistent appearance between panels! I, myself, have FAR too much artistic integrity to use it out of laziness, that’s for sure!

3 thoughts on “047

  1. Y’know, it wouldn’t be such a bad excuse if she’d amended it to “she peed herself because she laughed so hard.”

    Although as excuses go, I don’t really see how it explains sitting in a bathtub with most of your clothes still on. I hope she can borrow some clothes.

  2. Oh DANG IT that frozen expression is just priceless! XD

    Okay THIS is my new favorite page. Still close to the “Grab your balls.”(pg.33) and the “Show”(pg.38) pages, but this is just hilarious. :D

    Also question: Is it just me or does the father have a bit of an inconsistent facial style?
    I’m not trying to say that he’s drawn wrong, but so far on every picture(not just between pages, but inside an actual page several times) he shows up he has a different style to his face and not just here and there when a minor simplification or exaggeration is needed for artistic reasons.
    Or does he just always end up in situations where that is needed? ^_^

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