Every winged transformation MUST include sparkles, feathers and backlighting (wrecked PJs are optional).

11 thoughts on “055

  1. haha her friend it’s a little evil, but her curiosity has a good outcome! I hope to see more of this comic!! ^_^ ♥

  2. Wow, this needs a wallpaper.
    You would make my live worth living again. :D
    The amount of awesomeness in that last shot is too damn high.

    • Well, consider, if you had to convince someone to eat something so they’d turn into a bird/human hybrid. Wouldn’t you try to make them eat a worm? :p

      Actually, I’m not sure what came into Kacy’s mind first “Make Meanna eat a worm” or “Make Meanna turn into a bird”.

  3. *Falls to his knees, throws his fist towards the skies and lets out a cry that pierces the heavens themselves*

    Good GOD, brace yourselves people! The angle of adorableness has arrives and is the fore sign of the coming cutepocalypse! D:

    Heh that last panel is just awesome. :D

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