Meanna is at least smart enough to take a run at it rather than jump off a roof.

7 thoughts on “059

  1. I predict a faceplant. Not spoilers, because if you hadn’t picked up on that by now, you don’t get the point of this comic.


    The humor in this comic almost *demands* that this end in epic failure, but I can’t help but hope she succeeds. Fly, Meanna! FLY!

    • There’s an old saying among hang-glider and paraglider pilots. “Takeoffs are optional – landings are mandatory.”

  3. Either she’s going to fall flat on her face, or she’s going to get over enthusiastic about flying, zoom around as the world’s most adorable angel and then fall on her face when her wings disappear.

    Wow I’m in a bad mood today.

    • Oh come on, cheer up. I’m pretty sure that our dear Serena isn’t so mean to do that to Meanna after everything today. :D

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