Look what you get this week, a 2 panel page with no dialog. I did put a lot of work into the background… so…. enjoy that, I guess!

6 thoughts on “062

  1. Random hobo looking up: “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a reason to stop drinking because I’m starting to hallucinate…”

  2. You know if this was anyone in my family they would fly for all of 10 seconds and then quickly return for a coat because its freezing (under 80F).

    On a second note it totally looks like she’s being followed by her evil twin ;)

  3. “But in his folly did Icarus fly too close to the sun, his wings of tallow and feather shedding from his arms. And so the youth did plummet unto his demise.”

    Not that I’m hoping everyone’s favourite transforming/meta-morphing/animal girl is going to plummet to her death, but seriously, THE FIRST THING YOU DO WHEN ACQUIRING WINGS IS NOT GO FLYING OVER THE CITY, because:
    1. Camera phones
    2. Internet

    Basically I’m getting too invested in your comic and need to calm the heck down before I put myself in hospital over a fictional character again.

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