New Chapter! I’ve exhausted my original buffer! The reason this comic looks so much different is because I made it after the original batch. I am also trying a four-panel format. I like it so far. :)

7 thoughts on “079

  1. I’m wondering what would happen if she ate 2 of her “trigger foods” together… We could make an angelic catgirl! Or a flightless mermaid! Although I’m not sure how salmon & fish food would work out, since she’d have 2 different tails… Now, behold my terrifying profile photo!*distorted evil laughter*

  2. Yes, Virginia, there is a Batman.

    Wait, I mean Kacy, sorry.

    Yes, Kacy, you are Batman, because there’s a little bit of Batman deep down inside every one of us.

    Spoiler Inside SelectShow

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