12 thoughts on “082

  1. Hahaha that last panel style for me has that Sailor Moon or perhaps more appropriately for Meanna a Tokyo Mew Mew Power feel to it.

    I can’t see her transforming with a hotdog though she didn’t transform with worm ice cream so I can’t imagine how something with multiple animal trimmings in it is going to work.

  2. Urgh…
    I find processed, American-style “hot-dogs” to be fairly disgusting, actually. You need tons of butter and cheese and tomato sauce to cover up the taste.

    • I usually just slather on mustard. I heard of cheese and chili and such, but not sure I’d heard of putting butter and tomato sauce on it.

      What magical land do you hail from, traveler?

    • That’s the dark secret of hot dogs. You know how it’s rude to eat ketchup straight out of the bottle, no matter how tasty it is? Hot dogs are how you get around that. Dump like 40 ketchup packets on one and nobody will think twice about it.

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