*cue context-related drum roll, guys*


18 thoughts on “038

  1. My good lord this is SO bad on SO many levels! O_o

    Just to be clear this is awesome and adorable, but I feel really bad for enjoying it this much. Specially that last pic is brilliant. Can’t wait to see how long it takes her brain to reboot after that. :D

      • Heh. Yeah 90% that it was from a webcomic cuz the only other place I’m Gaboris is DevianART and the Hungarian furry forum. :D

        I kinda stopped commenting a year or so ago, but let’s see my most active webcomics were Housepets, Mummy comics, Sketch comedy, Sidequest-story and a few more, but since I found your comments at Housepets I’d say that was the one. :)

        • Yeah, probably. A shame Rick transferred all comments to the forums now, means I comment less. I prefer simple chains like this, you know?

          • Yeah it’s a shame, but the HP comments WERE getting out of hand with hundreds of comments per page so it’s understandable that they needed to reorganize. :/

            Personally if I ever get around to making my own comic and my own page I’ll be sure to experiment a lot with the comment and forum integration cuz personally I think the comment systems that are mimicked by everyone are just bare bone and forums are just WAY too constrictive. :I

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